Zoom’s Launches New ‘Production Studio’ for Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions

Zoom has unveiled its latest innovation, the ‘Production Studio,’ designed specifically for Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions. This groundbreaking feature empowers professionals to craft captivating virtual event design elements for webinars and sessions, all without the need for external production assistance.

Time and Budget Savings

The renowned video conferencing platform proudly boasts that the Zoom Production Studio is now accessible on a global scale. This announcement comes as excellent news for event organisers, promising both time and budget savings that would typically be allocated to working with production agencies.

A Message from Annika Elias

Annika Elias, the Product Manager at Zoom, expressed her excitement about this development, stating, “Now, every event professional can access a suite of professional-looking event customisation tools through an intuitive interface. Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on a production agency.”

Empowering Event Specialists

She further emphasised the unique advantage of Production Studio, saying, “Unlike other ‘out-of-the-box’ webinar solutions that offer limited customisation options, Production Studio empowers event specialists to curate and personalise the attendee experience, all without the need for specialised design skills.”

Key Features of Zoom Production Studio

Dynamic Layout Selection

Zoom’s Production Studio introduces a dynamic layout selection feature, providing hosts with a choice of over 50 custom layouts in flexible aspect ratios, each fully customisable to match branding requirements.

Multiple Webinar Scenes

Hosts can effortlessly create multiple webinar scenes within a session, complete with shared screen layout options and bespoke wallpapers for each scene. Additionally, it offers seamless cloud recording and third-party live-streaming capabilities.

Easy Transition for Existing Customers

For existing Webinar customers, the transition to Production Studio is made simple. They will soon have access to all of these exceptional features via the web portal by upgrading to a Zoom Sessions or Zoom Events license in the upcoming months.

Mobile App Update

Enhanced Mobile Experience

Zoom has also made significant enhancements to its mobile apps for both iPhones and Android devices. With these updates, users can now enjoy the full Zoom Events experience on the go.

A Seamless Event Experience

According to the company, “Through the Zoom mobile app, attendees can effortlessly join events, explore event content, bookmark sessions of interest, receive crucial event notifications, navigate physical event spaces using maps and digital aids, seamlessly switch between in-person and virtual/on-demand sessions, and connect with other attendees, whether in-person or virtual.”

Interactive Features

Mobile app users can also actively engage in real-time chats, participate in polls and Q&A sessions, and access recordings of past events while attending live events.

Zoom’s ‘Production Studio’ is a game-changer for professionals and event organisers seeking to elevate their virtual events and webinars. This innovative feature empowers users to create professional-looking event design elements without the need for costly production agencies. Annika Elias, Zoom’s Product Manager, rightly emphasises that this tool allows for a level of customisation and engagement that other webinar solutions simply can’t match.

With dynamic layout selection, multiple webinar scenes, and other powerful features, Zoom Production Studio equips hosts with the tools they need to create unique and engaging events. The seamless transition for existing customers further streamlines the adoption of this exciting technology.

Additionally, Zoom has enhanced its mobile app, making it easier than ever for users to access Zoom Events on the go. Attendees can participate actively, connect with others, and explore event content seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Zoom’s ‘Production Studio’?

Zoom’s ‘Production Studio’ is a powerful feature designed for Zoom Events and Zoom Sessions. It allows professionals and event organizers to create custom virtual event design elements, such as layouts and branding, without the need for external production assistance.

2. How can I access Zoom’s ‘Production Studio’?

Zoom Production Studio is available globally. Existing Webinar customers can access all the features through the web portal by upgrading to a Zoom Sessions or Zoom Events license in the coming months.

3. What are the key features of Zoom Production Studio?

Some of the key features include dynamic layout selection with over 50 custom layouts, the ability to create multiple webinar scenes with shared screen layouts and custom wallpapers, cloud recording, and third-party live-streaming capabilities.

4. What enhancements have been made to Zoom’s mobile app?

Zoom has updated its mobile apps for iPhones and Android devices to provide access to Zoom Events. Users can join events, explore event content, receive event notifications, navigate event spaces using maps and digital aids, and switch between in-person and virtual sessions seamlessly.

5. Can I engage with other attendees through the mobile app?

Yes, the mobile app allows attendees to participate in real-time chats, polls, Q&A sessions, and view recordings of past events during live events. It offers a comprehensive and interactive event experience on mobile devices.

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