Getting To Know You: Duncan Kreeger, Founder, TAB

TAB is a comprehensive real estate finance and investment platform, established in 2018 to address the needs of property projects that do not align with traditional lenders’ stringent criteria. Recognising the demand for a lender adept in bridging loans with the ability to transact swiftly while maintaining a prudent approach to risk, TAB crafted a…

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Payment fears deter UK businesses from pursuing overseas growth

Concerns over international payments are dissuading many UK businesses from engaging with overseas suppliers or entering new markets, according to a new survey by HSBC UK. The survey, which polled over 1,000 financial decision-makers, revealed that 43% are hesitant to conduct international business due to uncertainty over hidden payment costs. Additional concerns include payment security…

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Staff allowed to choose working hours in new trial

Hundreds of British workers will soon have greater flexibility over their working hours as part of a new pilot by the official four-day week campaign. This six-month project, building on the initial 2022 trial, will explore various flexible working models, including flexible start and finish times, a nine-day fortnight, and compressed hours. Six businesses have…

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Shops and restaurants poised for consumer spending boost with labour win and major sports events

Retailers and the hospitality sector are gearing up for a significant boost in consumer spending as Labour’s recent election victory coincides with a major weekend of sporting events, including England’s Euro 2024 match and Andy Murray’s potential final appearance at Wimbledon. Businesses across the UK are expected to benefit from a surge in consumer confidence…

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What businesses can expect from the new Labour government

With Sir Keir Starmer leading Labour into Downing Street after a landslide victory, businesses are poised to navigate a new political landscape. The honeymoon period might be short-lived, however, as Labour inherits deep-seated economic issues and faces immediate industrial crises. Thames Water Labour’s previous commitment to renationalising the water industry, a sector in dire need…

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Google’s emissions surge 48% in five years due to AI expansion

Google’s greenhouse gas emissions have soared by 48 per cent over the past five years, largely driven by its artificial intelligence (AI) products which depend heavily on energy-intensive data centres. The company’s annual environmental report identifies ‘increases in data centre energy consumption and supply chain emissions’ as the primary contributors to this rise, with total…

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Sustainable Ventures invests 12 times more in female-founded startups than industry average

Sustainable Ventures, Europe’s leading climate tech hub, has committed nearly a quarter (23%) of its investments to entirely female founders, a figure 12 times higher than the global industry average of 1.8% for female-founded teams in Europe in 2023. This significant milestone was disclosed as Sustainable Ventures celebrated its 50th investment. Notably, two-thirds (65%) of…

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How Can I Use Generative AI or ChatGPT to Boost My Small Business Sales

Staying ahead of the competition is crucial. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by leveraging advanced technologies like Generative AI and ChatGPT. These tools can revolutionise the way small businesses operate, leading to increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. In today’s digital age, customers expect swift responses and personalised interactions, making…

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