UK public borrowing lower than expected in August

The government borrowed bill less than expected last month as falling inflation and bumper tax revenues helped to improve the state of the public finances. Official figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in August showed that monthly public sector borrowing came in at £11.6 billion, below the £13 billion forecast by the government’s…

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What is a Customer Success Manager? The Impact They Can Have on Small Businesses in the UK

In the dynamic landscape of small businesses in the United Kingdom, a relatively new role has emerged as a catalyst for growth and sustainability – the Customer Success Manager (CSM). This article aims to provide insights into the role of a Customer Success Manager and the significant impact they can have on small businesses in…

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Royal Society set to boost number of black scientists

Young black scientists will get sizeable grants towards cutting-edge research in a pilot scheme aimed at increasing their numbers in the field. Five scientists a year will get up to £690,000 spread over four years. The Royal Society, which represents the UK’s leading researchers, hopes its grants increase low numbers of black scientists, particularly in…

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Small Business UK: What is Sales Velocity and How to Measure It in 2023

Sales velocity is a critical metric in today’s business landscape, serving as a barometer for how efficiently a company’s sales team is converting opportunities into revenue. In this competitive era, understanding and harnessing the power of sales velocity is paramount for sustained growth and profitability. This article delves into the intricacies of sales velocity, offering…

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TikTok fined £296m by watchdog over how it processed children’s data

TikTok has been fined 345 million euro (£296 million) by Ireland’s data watchdog following an investigation into how the social media platform processed children’s data. The fine was imposed on TikTok Technology Limited (TTL) by the Data Protection Commission (DPC) after the probe into how certain privacy settings and features complied with obligations under the EU’s General Data…

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How Small Business Owners can take advantage of Director’s Loans in the UK

Running a small business in the UK can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing finances. Director’s loans offer a valuable financial tool that can help small business owners navigate these challenges. According to recent statistics, director’s loans have gained popularity among small businesses in the UK, with over 60% of eligible companies utilising…

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UK exports to the EU boomed 4.4% in July

There was varied economic news this week, as the Government’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) released July’s economic figures. The UK’s economy shrank by 0.5% and imports also fell 0.4%. However, the international delivery expert ParcelHero says one bright light among the gloomy data is that the UK’s goods exports to the European Union (EU)…

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Crowdfunding for Small Businesses in the UK : 2023

In recent years, crowdfunding has emerged as a game-changer for small businesses in the United Kingdom. This innovative method of raising capital has provided a lifeline to countless startups and entrepreneurs who once struggled to secure traditional funding. Crowdfunding in the UK is not merely a financial transaction; it represents a paradigm shift in the…

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